General Informations

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JIM 97 will take place in the conference room of the

Bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu
30, Bld Marius Vivier Merle 69003 Lyon
Tel: 04 78 62 85 20
Fax: 04 78 62 19 49

Special places will be available for poster and sofware presentation, and for video broadcasting.


By plane By train

Access to the bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu

The Bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu is located just outside from the Part-Dieu commercial center. One access is through commercial center, "Porte de la Bibliothèque" on second floor and the second one is the the boulevard Marius Vivier Merle.

Access to downtown

By bus:

By underground:


The following hotels will have lower prices for JIM 97 participants. Don't forget to register as a JIM participant to get lower prices.

Hotels near Part-Dieu:

Hotels downtown:

You can also find rooms in the following hotels, but they do not have special prices for JIM 97 participants.

Aditionnal informations on LYON

You may find some usefull informations on LYON on the following sites:

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