Ateliers de programmation.

Instructions pour l'installation préalable des logiciels.

Voici les liens et les instructions qui vous permettront d'installer sur votre ordinateur les logiciels des ateliers auxquels vous allez assister. Il est très fortement recommandé d'effectuer cette installation à l'avance car il n'est pas prévu d'y consacrer du temps durant les ateliers.

	Software installation instructions for the JIM 2007 Q session.

All software will be installed under /usr/local by default. You can change
this with the --prefix option of configure (for Pd/Q, you'll have to change
the corresponding option in the Makefile).

The instructions are for Linux, but should work on OSX too if you have the
Apple development kit and the necessary libraries installed (these are all
available on Windows binaries for most packages
(except Pd/Q) are available, too.

* 1. Pd *******************************************************************

Version: Any version >=0.40.0 should do.

NOTE: Binary packages for Pd should be available on most Linux distros, and
also for OSX. If you use one of these then please make sure that you also have
the m_pd.h header file installed, it is needed for compiling Pd/Q (step 3). If
not, then you can download the sources below and compile yourself.



make install

You might have to add some options to configure to choose the desired audio
support. E.g., --enable-jack on Linux.

For listening to the music, you also have to make sure that Pd's MIDI
interface works, either via an onboard MIDI synthesizer or external MIDI
equipment. Pd has a builtin patch to test your MIDI setup (available under
Media -> Test Audio and MIDI). Please see the Pd documentation for details.

* 2. Q *********************************************************************

Version: 7.6

Prerequisites: libgmp, libiconv, readline (version 5), plus the corresponding
development packages

NOTE: Q currently works on 32 bit systems only. 64 bit systems are not
supported yet.



CFLAGS=-O3 ./configure
make install

A quick sanity check of the Q interpreter can be done after "make" has
completed by running "make test". At the end this should print "*** ALL TESTS

Optional stuff (not required for the JIM Q session): If you plan to also use
faust2pd from the Faust distribution then you should make sure that libxml2
and libxslt and the corresponding development packages are installed as well,
before compiling Q, to make Q's xml module work. Q offers a lot of other fancy
GUI, database, web, graphics and multimedia modules which need additional 3rd
party software to work, please see the Q website ( for

* 3. Pd/Q ******************************************************************



make install

(You might have to fiddle with the Makefile to make this work on OSX.)

You can test that Pd/Q works by opening the q-help.pd patch in Pd.