JIM 2000


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To reach Bordeaux

To find your hotel

If you don't know Bordeaux, you will best have to find the Victoire square or the Gambetta square at the center of town, then find a way to your hotel. The Victoire square is located close to the left of the Saint Jean station on the map of the town bypass. On the very same map, you can find the Gambetta square to the left (and up) of the Victoire square. Many hotels are located in that area.

You can take a look at the yellow pages. To get a map, fill in the name of your hotel ("Nom") and the name of the town ("Localité").

The venue for the conference

JIM 2000 will take place at the ENSERB, a school on the campus of Talence. Here is the address:

1, avenue du docteur Albert Schweitzer
Domaine universitaire - BP 99
F-33402 Talence Cedex

The campus of Talence is vast. Several universities take place there, among which the Bordeaux 1 University. To locate the ENSERB, use this map. The center of Bordeaux and the Saint Jean station are situated away past the top right corner of the map, where you can see the F, U and G bus routes. Closer maps of the Bordeaux 1 University can be found here and here.

Concerts and Events

On Monday, 15th May, 6:30 pm, a rendez-vous du lundi with Trân Quang Hai will be held at the Bordeaux 1 University, physique B amphitheater, 1st cycle building (A 22).

The award concert of the SCRIME international competition of acousmatic music on the evening of Wednesday, 17th May, will be held at the music conservatory of Bordeaux. The conservatory is located near the Saint Jean station. Visit the yellow pages to get a map.

Conservatoire National de Région
Musique Art Dramatique Danse
22 quai Sainte Croix
F-33800 Bordeaux